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Calculator for Kids 1.0 Perform simple calculations including basic math operations: addition, subtraction.
Free Sales Tax Calculator 1.0 Understand sales tax calculations with this simple and professional Sales Tax Calculator.
Times Table 1.0 Create and print custom time tables of different values and sizes.
Factorizer 11.32 Find prime numbers and pairs of primes and plot associated histograms.
Roman Numeral Conversion 1.0 Convert integers to Roman numerals and Roman numerals to integers.
EpsilonWriter 2.3 Edit your documents with ease.
Length Quantities Conversion 1.0 Convert between different length measurement units.
Divide Tables 1.1 Improve division and mental arithmetic skills.
What's This Number 1.4 Create numbers and hear how they sound.
Big Integers Multiplication 1.0 Multiply big decimal integers.
Free Math Calculator 1.0 Replace standard Windows calculator with a more sophisticated one.
Stimath 1.0 Get a high-level tool for mathematics, linear algebra, plotting, and expression evaluation.
KonSi Malmquist Index 5.1 Research efficiency dynamics using Malmquist Index method.
Percentage Calculator 0.1 Calculate percentage for your exam's Marks and get pass and fail status.
Counting Frame 1.08 Provide a simple type of abacus to help with counting.
MathGrapher 2.0 Get a mathematical graphing tool.
PTC Mathcad Express 3.1 Remove password and restrictions from your PDF files.
Math Stars Plus 2014r1 Practice math facts and play 6 fun and challenging math games
Everlasting Maths Worksheet - Multiplication 1.11 Choose from 3 levels of multiplication sums from single digits to three figure problems.
Everlasting Maths Worksheet - Division 1.7 Choose from 3 levels of division sums from basic to three figure problems.

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