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CalculationLaboratory Perform mathematical calculations using scripts.
OpalCalc 1.75 Image driver
Kalkules Perform various mathematical operations with your PC.
STIPlotDigitizer 1.0 Extract numerical data from plots found in reports and publications.
ODEcalc 6.10 Solve ordinary differential equations with boundary or initial value conditions.
fx-Calc Define, visualize, and calculate scientific functions.
Grapheme 1.2 Visualize and analyse large sets of data.
Universal Math Solver Get solutions and explanations to your algebra equations step-by-step.
CalcMatr 1.2 Perform calculations with matrices of integers and fractions.
Tides 5.3 build 361 Tide and current prediction program
Math-o-mir 1.92 Read text documents aloud and save them as audio files.
Rand Model Designer 7.1 Create object-oriented models of continuous, discrete, and hybrid systems oriented on UML paradigm.
Algebra Tile Factris 1.3 Build the perfect rectangle from the falling tiles.
AcaStat Win 9.0.4 Analyse of data whether you enter it yourself, use a spreadsheet, or maintain a database.
StatCalc Win 8.1.3 Make statistics calculations on your PC.
Graphmatica 2.4 Provide a powerful equation plotter with numerical and calculus features.
MathMod 3.1 Visualize and animate implicit and parametric surfaces.
Scilab 5.5.2 Perform numerical computation, simulation, control, and optimization.
Area Volume and Weight Calculator 1.1 Calculate area, volume, and weight for regular shapes.
Maths Exercises 2.0 Help your children improve their math skills.

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