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RFOffice 2.5 Simplify your work with Smith charts.
Wand Calculator 6.0 Perform molarity, dilution, and molar mass calculations.
Bersoft Image Measurement 8.42 Measure an analyze digital images.
AminoXpress Integrate common functions biochemists perform on a daily bases.
Sicyon Calculator 5.0 build 58 Manage, tabulate, and estimate functions using variables and user-defined functions.
Gravity Alpha 1.05 1.05 Visualize gravitational force effects between two objects.
Modo 5.2 Get a toolbar for easy Web surfing, listening to online radio stations, and searching online auctions.
MolInstincts Navigator 1.4.0 View a database of thermo-physico-chemical and transport properties of chemical compounds.
Atmograph ModelVis 1.0.7 Visualize and analyze weather model data.
Makhaon PACS Workstation 3.2 Join several MP3 files into a single one with a few clicks.
Padaseyin Regression 1.210.19 Calculate regression formulas, trigonometry algorithms and graph plots.
BAP - Beam Analysis Program 1.5 Archive and decompress multiple files and folders.
EnzLab for Windows (32-bit) Carry out a study of enzyme kinetics using computer simulation.
Padaseyin 1.210.19 Calculate regressions, correlations, and perform data analysis.
Robot4 0.73 Find the angles necessary for the robotic arm movement.
SpectrumSolvers 5.12.5 Find best Spectral Estimation Method for a Power Spectral Density plot.
Firefly Watch Not available Explore firefly sightings across the seasons and learn all about these fascinating insects.
M.A.D. Propz 1.0 Perform advanced section property calculation and stress/strain analysis.
ResCalc Master 64-bit 1.0.7 Crawl Web sites and download images in bulk.
ResCalc Master (32-bit) 1.0.7 Work with resistors, determine resistor value via color or vice versa.

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