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FvWoP 1.0 Get a full-vectoral beam propagation simulator for optical waveguides.
Julian Date Converter 1.0 Convert date time between Julian calendar and normal modern calendar.
Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder 14.42 Check out Trainz Railroad Simulator with this demo.
Bifido Punnett Square Calculator Pro 4.0 Generate punnett squares for simple and very difficult genetics crosses.
PsychroSolution 1.1 Calculate psychrometric parameters of the moist air.
N2R Resistor Calculator 1.0.0 Calculate values of resistors from the respective color codes.
Periodic Table 1.0 Display periodic table and learn chemical elements.
Slip21 Get MCU/DSO, XBee ADC and view realtime chart of temperature or volt inquired at a sampling period.
SMole 1.0.1 Build and analyze a molecular structure by rotating, moving, and zooming it.
AutoVideoscript 1.1 Transcribe video data for the use in video analysis (MoViQ).
Points On A Canvas 1.0 Measure the distance between any two clicked points on your screen
HydroOffice 2012 3.0 Persorm time series data type analysis, processing, and visualization task.
GATE 2014 Analyse and visualize High-Dimensional Time-series Expression Data.
Lunar Tracker 4.13 build 1444 Learn everything about the moon on PC.
KinematicsSolver 1.0 Solve physics kinematics calculations from your computer.
INR Calculator 1.0 Park the jeep on the indicated parking spots while avoiding crashing into other cars.
QuickField Student Edition simplifies management of backup archives
IRIS Earthquake Browser URL Builder Provide an interface to the IRIS Earthquake browser for the Map, 3D and HTML pages.
Raman Tool Set Get a software for Raman spectra analysis, including multivariate chemometric techniques.
Our Solar System 2.3 Perform an interactive journey through our solar system.

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