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NBA News 1.0 Get all the sports updates in one click
PDFescape Free PDF Editor 0.20 Develop your characters in a vast fantasy world.
newsXpresso Pro Follow your favorite news, videos, magazines, and blogs in multiple languages and global regions.
GetLucky 1.0.2 Find coupon codes and automatically apply them to your order.
Nestor Highlighter 2.7.1 Get to the point of an article in 20% of the time.
ESPN (Pocket) 1.1 View all ESPN website headlines, videos, and results.
SiteKiosk 8.9.2821 Turn your computer into a secure Internet terminal.
Opera Mini 8 PC 0.4 Use Opera Mini 8 browser on PC.
Greenhorn Web Browser 2.0 Browse the Web with ease.
Binary Options A-Z Guides 0.1 Learn about binary options trading in Firefox.
AirBrowse 5.9.6 Browse the Web with fast, secure, and extendable Chromium-based browser.
Opera Mini PC 0.3 Surf the Internet at high speed and reduce traffic.
UC Web PC 0.1 Emulate mobile UC Browser on your Windows PC.
BlackHawk Web Browser 39.0.2132.2 Provide your Windows 7 OS with a Diwali theme with sound effects.
Vole Internet Expedition 3.20.50201 Get websites ready in a nicely gallery format.
Xymos 2.0 Surf the Web using a customizable browser.
ABCStone Offline Browser 1.2 Download and view Web sites online.
ZenMate for Opera 5.1.1 Display DNA sequence traces in a scalable multi-pane view.
Rooster Feeds Agent 4.8 View RSS and Atom feeds.
Start.me 1.2.6 Access your bookmarks, feeds and libraries right from the start page of your Chrome browser.

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