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Sentrifugo 2.01 beta Manage and keep your employee records.
Retail Barcode 1.4 Keep track of product sales for small business.
Accident and Investigation Management 7.0 Fix corrupted PPTX files and recover crucial data from them.
First Aid Risk Assessment Management 3.2.04 Make an exciting and informative space trip around the Earth's satellite.
General Risk Assessment Management 3.2.03 Organize, optimize, and share your photo collection.
Sickness Monitoring and Absenteeism Records and Trends 5.9 Manage employee sickness and absenteeism effectively.
Documented Information Control System 6.0.02 Perform various risk management tasks and reduce the overall risk to employees and employers.
TIRA Task Inventory and Risk Assessments 6.3.02 Launch Android games and apps on PC.
USPS Meter Label Solution 4.1.680.0 Save humanity from an alien race invading Earth.
Online Training Center Manager 3.0 Track your training center data: trainees, instructors, courses and labs.
CKZ Time Clock 4.14 Manage time of your employees and generate automated payroll reports for them.
Online Rental Property Manager 3.0 Manage your rental properties, units, applications, leases and tenants online from any PC or device.
CCS (Portuguese) 2.1 Train your employees on the HIPAA privacy rule.
Medix Doctor 3.8 Read CD-Text information from audio CDs from within Microsoft Windows Media Player.
DecisionPoint Designer 4 R11 U1 build 2888 Keep your life organized and record your daily activities.
Gazelle (Point-of-Sale) 12.36 Manage your sales transactions, purchases, orders, and payments.
Print Envelopes Print envelopes, business cards, and labels.
Tatems 20/20 4.6.18 Manage and maintain fleets of vehicles.
Donarius Church Management 4.814 Unlock and edit forms or reports in Microsoft Access MDE applications.
Residential Bid Proposal 9.3.1 Fill-in and respond to customers who are waiting to receive your Proposal.

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