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Workplace Risk Assessment Management 3.2.02 Play a turn-based strategy game with the funny countryballs.
Work Equipment Risk Assessment Management 3.0.00 Manage your health and safety work equipment risk assessments.
General Risk Assessment Management 3.2.03 Organize, optimize, and share your photo collection.
Fire Premises Risk Assessment Management 3.2.03 Unlock secrets of Atlantis to save the world.
Sickness Monitoring and Absenteeism Records and Trends 5.9 Manage employee sickness and absenteeism effectively.
Documented Information Control System 6.0.02 Perform various risk management tasks and reduce the overall risk to employees and employers.
JCL POS 2.12 Manage transactions, products, and reservations for your business.
JCL Hotel 2.23 Manage all rental information for hotel.
TIRA Task Inventory and Risk Assessments 6.3.02 Launch Android games and apps on PC.
LC Investor 48.32.64bit Invest available cash 4 times a day using customizabel filters.
Aone Repair Excel 9.1 Fix corrupt Microsoft Excel files.
Aone Repair Office 9.0 Repair corrupt office document files including Microsoft Office.
TextSearch for OpenText StreamServe 1.0 Search for text in Design Center and Composition Center.
Braina 1.35 Detect and remove spyware, malware, rootkits, trojans, hijackers, and other malicious threats.
ShowPoint 2.8.0 Run PowerPoint presentations on remote computers.
CounterPoint 1.1.3 Enhance your shop's productivity by streamlining waiting queues with multimedia screens.
Academic Presenter 2.3 Combine canvas and slides to meet academic needs.
TinySpell+ 1.9.60 Check spelling and get alerts for misspelled words.
TinySpell Portable 1.9.60 Check spelling and get alerts for misspelled words.
TinySpell 1.9.61 Pick the right color anywhere at the screen.

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