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Desktop Enhancements


Icon Images 1.0 Enhance your desktop by customizing the icons the way you like.
Perfect Icons 1.0 Add new Windows themed icons to your desktop.
Volumetric Social Media Icons 1.0 Choose from a set of 40 free social media icons in this pack.
Extra Folder Icons 1.0 Decorate and organize your folders with a set of 45 icons.
1600 Windows Icons (Metro Style) 2.0 Get a collection of Windows 8 Metro style icons.
FolderShine 1.1 Organize and protect your hard drive.
Seanau Icon Set 2013 Get a royalty-free stock icon pack with 7,000 professional icons.
XP Icons 2.0 Create or convert from PDF magazines, eCatalogs, presentations, and smart TV apps.
High Resolution App Tab Bar Icons 2013.2 Make navigation and tab bars for iPhone and iPad applications.
Free Bronze Button Icons 2013.1 Get a collection of bronze button icons for any application or website.
Free Blue Button Icons 2013.2 Get a collection of blue button icons for any application or website interface.
Junior icon Editor 4.32 Create your Windows 8 style icons for apps and websites.
Free Mat Icons 2013.1 Add mat icons to your application or Web site.
TabBar Icons For Mobile Apps 2013.1 Enhance your mobile application GUI with a set of icons.
Free Red Button Icons 2013.2 Add red button icons to your application or Web site interface.
Free Dark Blue Cloud Icons 2013.1 Add dark blue cloud icons to your application or Web site.
Free Game Icons 2013 1.0 Add new icons to your games or gaming related Web sites.
Free Gold Button Icons 2013.1 Add golden icons to your application or Web site.
Free Retina Icon Set 2013.1 Add new icons to your iPhone and iPad applications.
Tizen Toolbar Icons 2013.1 Add new icons to your Tizen applications and Web sites.

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