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Desktop Enhancements

Virtual Win 1.0 Create and navigate between multiple virtual desktops.
1b QuickStart 1.33 Start menu faster by pressing ALT+A to access apps and shortcuts at anywhere of your windows screen.
MultiTimerZ Create and place timers on your desktop.
CloudClipboard Utilize support from this full-featured help desk program.
jPort 1.6 Launch and manage portable Java applications.
Atomic Alarm Clock 6.263 Image driver
DesktopSnowOK 2.92 Add some winter atmosphere to your desktop.
Abridge Insert 1.3 Insert commonly used text to any application using hot key combinations.
Efficient Sticky Notes 3.81 Build 383 Stick your notes on desktop to read them at any time.
ShellMenuView 1.25 Display list of static menu items.
Real Desktop Standard 2.07 Enjoy the fascinating dynamics with revolutionary graphics on your desktop.
DesktopOK 4.15 Stop viruses and spyware automatically before they reach your computer.
System Scheduler Professional 4.34 Launch specific programs at specific times.
Actual Window Manager 8.4 Learn new words and essential phrases.
Hot Alarm Clock 5.0 Turn your PC into a powerful and highly customizable alarm clock.
Panels Access frequently used tools and information from the edges of your desktop.
Run Multiple EXE Files At Same Time Software 7.0 Run multiple applications in batch.
Mute Audio By Keyboard Shortcut Software 7.0 Adjust the computer volume quickly by keyboard.
Automatically Click When Mouse Stops Moving Software 7.0 Automatically click when the mouse stops moving.
Automatically Drag Without Holding Mouse Down Software 7.0 Automatically drag the mouse without holding the button down.

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