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Resource Tuner 2.04 Browse, edit, and modify file resources contained in Windows executable files.
Free Hex Editor Neo 6.12 Experience ultimate basketball simulation with even more graphical fidelity.
WinHex 18.4 Update your copy of Grand Theft Auto IV to version
VbsEdit 6.7.9 Edit VBS files with drag-and-drop, find-and-replace, syntax coloring, and undo and redo.
EmEditor Professional (32 bit) 15.1.6 Fix a number of bugs in SQL Server 7.0 and MSDE 1.0 with this Service Pack.
VEdit Pro (64-bit) 6.24.2 Prepare texts, develop programs, and edit large database, mainframe, and binary files.
Resource Tuner Console 2.03 Modify and manage resources of Windows EXE and DLL files from batch files.
RegEx Edit 1.0 Create, edit, and test regular expressions.
Visual Studio Code 1.0.0 Update your copy of Football Manager 2010 to v10.2.0.
UnrealScript Hierarachy Explorer 1.0 View the hierarchy of UnrealScript classes in TreeView format and view selected file.
Rs Editor 3.1 Compile and run C , C++, and Java source code.
EditCNC EditCNC has many powerful features designed just for CNC programmers and editors
PhotonSDef 1.02 Create source code for MCNP n-particle transport monte-carlo simulation software.
Free C++ Editor 1.0 Build HMI solutions with real-time data visualization.
novaPDF SDK 8.1.920 Integrate PDF creation support in your applications.
RubyMine 7.1.4 Print out plans for paper models from objects designed in common 3D modelers.
MGTEK Help Producer 3.1.2236 Create HTML help files and Web based content from a Microsoft Word document.
HD NeoBook Object Commander 4.0 Store and manage NeoBook objects with object properties and actions.
Programmer's Notepad 2.3 Create and edit program codes with a syntax highlighting and project management editor.
Colourz Grab or generate any color and automatically convert it into HEX.

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