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Makhaon Videograbber Transform images from non-standard medical devices into DICOM format.
Makhaon DICOM Storage Store and manage data obtained from the different medical diagnostic equipment.
Makhaon DICOM Dump 3.1 Unblock Internet and secure your PC with VPN.
Hearing Test Software 7.0 Test ears using specific audio frequencies.
BMI & BMR Calculator For Men and Women 1.4 Create various kinds of art using layers of images with transparency.
PC WorkBreak 1.10 Receive break reminders to reduce your RSI risk.
EyeProtectorPro Protect your eyes from damage caused by long hours of PC use.
DICOM to Video 1.7.12 Monitor PCs and webcams: PC's screen, webcam, microphone, worktime.
DICOM Thumbnailer 1.3.3 Display thumbnails of DICOM images in your Windows Explorer.
DICOM to GIF 1.3.7 Convert a series of DICOM images to a GIF animation.
DICOM Anonymizer 1.3.16 Distort and display image with liquid, marbled paper, and Droste type effects.
Splits Training Routine 1.0 Learn how to improve your hip/hamstring flexibility for splits.
Amblyopia ABC 2015.1 Treat amblyopia for 3-12 years old children with lazy eye.
Blood Pressure RT 1.2.2 Monitor and track your blood pressure.
Diabetes Risk Test 1.0 Determine your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Urografin 1.01 Find lesions easier using advanced visual chromatographic transformation.
YSP Dermatology Image Database AIR 1.37 View a database of dermatology images.
Personal Diabetes Monitor 1.0.1 Monitor and track important Diabetic Mellitus health measures.
Lucid Scribe 1.4.6 Detect REM sleep and review sleep and consciousness research data.
TCM PRO 1.0 Manage tasks and information for Ryodoraku acupuncture practice.

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