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Xplotter 4.8 Create and edit scientific graphs.
Giswater 1.1.223 Create and simulate water supply systems, sewerage systems, drainage networks, and rivers GIS interface.
Gravity Nu 2.07 Visualize gravitational force effects between N objects.
Contour3DMS 1.5.8 Plot drill hole/sample maps and contour maps.
CrossSectionMS 1.6.9 Search live auctions and foreclosed real estate and property across the United States.
Field Tools 1.9.9 Get a set of tools for your geological fieldwork.
Logplotms 1.8.16 Plot drill hole/sample maps and drill logs.
Winrock 8.8.12 Plot IUGS igneous classification diagrams.
Im2graph 0.73 Convert graph images and scans to numbers.
Earthquake 3D 2.91 Speed up your image processing Matlab code with X10 performance gain on average.
The Laminator 3.7 Analyze laminated composite plates according to classical laminated plate theory.
PhysPro Fluid Properties 1.0.0 Decorate your desktop with he Witcher 3 Wild Hunt concept art wallpapers.
Archiva Display Adobe Lightroom images as a screensaver.
CurveFItter ExcelAddIn Protect your PC from viruses and malware.
CMol 1.2 Perform calculations with chemical compound formulas.
I-Doser Free for Windows 5.3 Determine your PC's weaknesses, locate & fix system-related problems, and increase its performance.
EZ Data Logger 4.5.9 Log data from data acquisition, instrumentation, controllers, data loggers, and remote I/O modules.
WorldWide Telescope 5.2.9 Surf the Web via secure VPN connection.
Counterledge Quantify, store, process, and share detailed descriptions of compositional thin section analysis.
Hardledge Store and manage petrographic information of igneous and metamorphic rocks.

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