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Winrock 8.8.12 Plot IUGS igneous classification diagrams.
Teacher Gradebook for Filemaker Pro 3.0.15 Manage your personal budget and money.
Grade Synergy 1.0 Move grades from almost any spreadsheet to almost any grade book with few key strokes.
Im2graph 0.73 Convert graph images and scans to numbers.
Act Like a Success Think Like a Success Ebook 1.0 Read an e-book on discovering your gift and your life's riches.
STIPlotDigitizer 1.0 Extract numerical data from plots found in reports and publications.
Earthquake 3D 2.91 Speed up your image processing Matlab code with X10 performance gain on average.
Straight Talk No Chaser 1.0 Read an e-book on how to find, keep and understand a man.
Solfeggio Maestro 7.0 Learn to read music and play solfege through assisted practice.
ODEcalc 6.10 Solve ordinary differential equations with boundary or initial value conditions.
Visual Family Tree Maker 2.47 Build and publish your family tree.
The Laminator 3.7 Analyze laminated composite plates according to classical laminated plate theory.
Musician's Practice Edge Practice music with your educational videos and audio files using a specially designed media player.
fx-Calc Define, visualize, and calculate scientific functions.
Fractals 1.01 Generate Mandelbrot and Julia fractal sets.
Move 2D 7.0 Study projectile motion in two dimensions, under different gravities.
Enochian: A True And Faithful Relation Of What Passed For Many Years 2.0.114 Edit XML application settings in config files.
PhysPro Fluid Properties 1.0.0 Decorate your desktop with he Witcher 3 Wild Hunt concept art wallpapers.
UTM Coordinate Converter 1.0.1 Burn audio and data CD/DVDs and create ISO files.
Coniuno 2.2 Learn verb conjugations for the respective training language.

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