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Smart Chinese Reader 1.9 Translate Chinese texts by splitting them into sentences and words.
HIPAA Training Program 6.5 Join multiple files into one.
Archiva Display Adobe Lightroom images as a screensaver.
Grapheme 1.2 Visualize and analyse large sets of data.
Flashcard Hero 2.0 The study app for when you have little time to memorize a lot.
BMI & BMR Calculator For Men and Women 1.4 Create various kinds of art using layers of images with transparency.
Holy Quran Internet Radio 2.0.9 Store and manage customer information, add products, create receipts, e-mail and invoice customers.
Knowledge NoteBook 9.5 View and Convert PCL to PDF, TIF, BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, PWG, PCLm & ASCII Text.
CurveFItter ExcelAddIn Protect your PC from viruses and malware.
Free Epub Reader 1.0 Read Epub books on your PC.
CMol 1.2 Perform calculations with chemical compound formulas.
Fresh Memory 1.4 Study languages and other subjects with spaced repetition method.
Legacy Family Tree Track, organize, print, and share your family history.
Universal Math Solver Get solutions and explanations to your algebra equations step-by-step.
CIMS 9.1 Manage your inventory with this easy to learn software.
CalcMatr 1.2 Perform calculations with matrices of integers and fractions.
I-Doser Free for Windows 5.3 Determine your PC's weaknesses, locate & fix system-related problems, and increase its performance.
MecaNet (Spanish) 15.05.15 AppleWorks database organizes software serial #'s & more
QTranslate 5.5.0 Choose the best variant of translation using different translation services.
Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5.1 Enhance the control of your PC's audio features.

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