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JustDev Total Media Stream TV channels, movies, and music.
ClavinUK 1.0 Read sports betting tips and view live game scores.
Basketball Scoreboard Pro 2.1.7 Turn any computer into a realistic basketball scoreboard.
Basketball Playbook 011 Recover lost data from iOS devices.
Silk Road 1.4 View slides and talk to computer in natural language.
Pianola 2.7.7 Play the music with piano or guitar with any way you like, any rhythm you like.
Freedom 0.7 Lock your PC away from the 'net to help reduce distractions and increase productivity.
NGTuner 1.0 Tune your acoustic guitar to standard tuning.
X'mas Friend Finder 1.0 Find your X'mas friend in your school, college, or office.
Bank Statement Generator Generate professional looking bank statements for entertainment purposes.
WordFit Crossword Builder Create professional crossword puzzles in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and India English dialects.
Jazz Scale Suggester System 3.5b Learn how to recognize relationships between scales and chords by using your own examples.
My SCUBA Diary (64-bit) 1.0 Manage information about your SCUBA diving activities.
Power Music Essentials 5.0.3 Manage and display sheet music and chord sheets.
Perpetuum Mobile 4.0 Arrange constantly moving and rotating balls.
Live Scores 1.0 Track up to 7 different sport events.
Graboid Video Create high quality 3D models and visualizations for architectural designs, civil engineering, and products.
Football Scoreboard Pro 2.0.8 Enjoy the collection of world's top 50 sexiest women.
Multisport Scoreboard Standard 2.1.5 Turn any computer into a realistic sports scoreboard.
Dice 1.0 Roll the virtual dice to get a random number.

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