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Travel Light Planner 1.1 Create and manage gear lists and travel plans for backpacking journeys.
Juice Grinder 2.0.6 build 46199 Calculate the amounts of ingredients you need for creating your own eLiquid.
All My Movies 8.9 build 1449 Chat in rooms with persistent ownership and user settings; create or access file servers.
Notch Man Mini 1.20 Simulate train performance with numerical and 2D graphical output.
PCmonitoring 1 Capture screenshots to find out what your children or employees are doing on the PC.
Collectorz.com Comic Collector 15.1.2 Organize your collection of comics on your Windows PC.
Collectorz.com Movie Collector 15.1.2 Catalog your DVDs automatically, no typing needed.
The Shopper Information System 1.00.0027 Create large shopping lists and manage your spending.
Kitchen Assistant 1.0 Store and manage recipe information and ingredients.
eJuice Me Up 15.7 Learn how to develop in java on introductory level.
Mint Analyzer 1.3 Analyze downloaded transactions from mint.com.
Weather4U View the weather related to your area ZIP code.
VoxCommando 2.150 Capture your entire desktop, a portion of it, or the active window of the desktop.
Magic Desktop 9.2 Synchronize photos and videos with your Flickr account automatically.
Tea Timer Set up a timer to be notified when the tea is ready.
PulsAR Drone Control 1.0 Control your AR Drone with voice commands, computer vision, Kinect, or joystick.
Earth Alerts 2015.2.16 Play Mahjong with color backgrounds on PC.
PhotoKifu 2.12 Convert pictures of a Go game into an SGF file and/or a game record.
myCollections 4.1 Catalog your applications, books, games, and music.
Star Wars Collecting Database 3.2.021 Track the current value and contents of your Star Wars collection.

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