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Cute Web Phone Number Extractor Advance 2.7.3 Extract phone numbers from search engines, Web sites, and files.
FrostWire 6.1.7 Play, stream, and share files over P2P, cloud, and your local network.
SimplyYouTube 1.0.1 Download and convert Youtube videos to MP3 in one click.
KIBase YouTube Downloader 2.0.30901.47 View and download videos from YouTube.
Advanced URL Catalog 2.3.6 Manage, organize, synchronize, remove duplicates, and validate your URL collection.
Free YouTube Downloader Convert one or more Publisher files into Word files.
YouTube Music Downloader Mount ISO images on your Windows server or PC
YouTube PlayList Downloader Download YouTube video, music, and playlists.
YouTube Downloader Free Download and convert video from YouTube.
dhIMG Twitter 1.4 Download images from your Twitter page.
Simple Kiosk Create secure kiosk terminal on PC.
StarMule 5.2.0 Search and download files over P2P networks.
OneDrive for Windows Not available Export contents from PDF documents into different formats.
Torrent Captor 3.2.0 Download multiple torrents simultaneously.
Tube 8.1 Free Not available Convert files in STL, 3DP, 3MF, OBJ, and PLY formats.
Catch Video Download and convert video from YouTube or other video sites.
HD Video Downloader Pro 7.3.3 Manage your trades.
JaSFtp 11.09 Automate file transfer using secure file transfer protocol.
AbleFTP 11.09 Automate and run multiple FTP tasks.
Copernic Desktop Search 5.2.1 build 9280 Create and print tickets for various events.

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