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Cool Record Edit Deluxe 9.0.3 Record audio, edit and enhance sounds, and burn music CDs.
Cool Record Edit Pro 9.0.3 Record audio files, edit sounds, and burn recordings and audio to CD.
Banjodoline 1.0 Add banjo and mandolin sound to your music.
Kat Player 5.0.0 Play and manage your audio files.
Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter 2.08 Golden Records converts vinyl records and casette tapes into digital files.
X-Copy Professional 1.0.3 Make backup copies of your valuable original discs.
Dragon 1.2.4 Burn folders and different kind of data and audio files to CD or DVD disc.
Lolita 4.2.6 Send instant messages within your LAN.
HitFactor 4.3.0 Create multi-user PHP applications for MySQL.
RecordPad Sound Recorder 5.35 Access other computers or allow another user to access your computer securely over the Internet.
Duplicate Music Remover Free 1.6 Get fast and flexible audio and video playback with access to smart organization features.
Music Tag 2.01 Download missing track info and cover art automatically to complete your music collection.
Zulu Masters Edition 3.52 Mix your tracks live while applying effects on the fly.
Zulu DJ Software Free 3.70 Calculate payroll taxes, prepare payroll, and print payroll checks and forms.
Xilisoft Sound Recorder 1.0.51 Record and save the sound from your sound card line-in and line-out.
123Tag 8.1.1 Protect data on USB devices by fast and secure encryption or disguise.
Ink 3.5.0 Burn data on CD and DVD discs.
Xilisoft WMA MP3 converter 6.5.0 Select colors in HSV, RGB, CMYK, and Hex models.
Xilisoft MP3 WAV Converter 6.3.0 Decorate your desktop with Jericho actors wallpapers.
Rip my Cdrom 1.2 Keep the beat with this metronome that runs on your computer.

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