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Shift Time Calculator 1.00 Calculate the number of hours between start and finish time.
Super Calculator 8 8.01 DISPLAY driver
PetroSharp BigDecimal Unit Converter 1.3 Convert measurement units of 35 categories.
Trades Math Calculator 2.0.1 Solve common machine shop math problems.
Free Fraction Calculator 1.0 Calculate fractions and display output as fractions, mixed, or decimals.
HiPER Calc 2.3 Convert CDA to AAC without quality loss.
Judys TenKey 6.1.6 Protect your PC from viruses and other malware.
Math Window 2.4 Make batch conversions of DWG to JPG, DWG to TIF and DXF/DWF to images without AutoCAD.
EquationsPro 8.6 Solve, inform, and interpret engineering problems or equations.
ChemMaths 15.7 Solve engineering, maths, physics equations, view chemical info, convert units.
Age Date Diff Calculator 1.2 Calculate age from given birth date or difference between two dates.
Byte Converter 1.6 Convert numeric values between different digital information units.
STIMS Buffer 1.0 Calculate recipes for biological buffers.
Free Jetico Scientific Calculator 1.0 Perform scientific, engineering, and mathematical calculations.
Simple Calc 1.0.0 Perform basic calculations easily.
Resistance Color Code Value Calculator 1.0 Calculates resistor value from the selected color codes.
La Calculatrice de Machiniste 2.0 Get a calculator for machinists and other trades.
BinaryCrypt 2.0 Convert regular text to binary, hexadecimal, and octal decimal code.
Machinist's Calculator 7.5 Solves common machine shop math problems.
Mortgage Loan IRR Calculator Calculate the IRR of equal monthly installment mortgage loan.

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