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Cloud Rich Text Editor 2.3.2 Watch live Italian TV channels.
AnyTime Organizer Standard 14.3 Protect home user systems against data theft and system invasion by complex malware.
Loan Calculator 1.2 Display the current weather conditions or forecast.
RapidSP Day Trading Simulator Powerful, easy to learn day trading simulator for realistic trading experience
Hyper Plan 1.3.0 Create visual plans for your work and life.
PerfectTablePlan 5.2.2 Prepare a table plan for your wedding, parties, and various events.
Personal Finances Free 5.9 Download and convert videos from YouTube.
Free Text to Voice 1.0 Read text in human voice.
Quicken Premier 2015 R5 2015 Organize and optimize your investment portfolio.
Quicken Starter Edition 2015 R5 Set goals and manage your finances.
Wezinc Capture, organize, and find all your knowledge.
Tetcoin Make transactions in Tetcoin crypto-currency.
GTask for Desktop 3.4.0 Design and create a vinyl-cut signage.
MWS Reader 5.2 Scan paper documents from MS Word with ease.
MRO WorkingTimeClock 15.5.25 Record activities and working hours and present them in reports.
Stock Ticker 7 3.7 Track stock price, total invested, gain/loss, alerts on stocks, stock news.
QIF2PDF Convert QIF (Quicken) files to PDF format.
PetroSharp BigDecimal Unit Converter 1.3 Convert measurement units of 35 categories.
FaceFinder 1.1 Perform face recognition for security or other purposes.
Computek Financial Planning Calendar 2.0 Organize and control your finances, budget/plan using a calendar and view into the future.

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