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Safepic (Spanish) 1.0 Convert images to text strings.
Free Fraction Calculator 1.0 Calculate fractions and display output as fractions, mixed, or decimals.
TextToHTML Convert copied text to readable HTML.
Wise Reminder 1.26.63 Protect your PC from malicious software.
Office Companion 1.4 Execute repetitive tasks such as printing batches of documents and bar codes.
Ariadne Organizer 6.15 Manage and organize your personal information offline or in the cloud.
BudgetView 4.0 Manage your budget visually and plan your financial projects with ease.
Cobra Text Replacer 2.5 Replace anything inside a file name.
Calendar Magic 19.1 Design and edit simple HTML e-mail messages to send with e-mail clients.
Efficient Diary 5.22 build 526 Create laser engravings from images, import vectors or draw simple sketches.
Aplus Text to Speech Read text out loud via speech synthesis.
Judy's CountDown 3.1.1 Start to count the days left before your events, so you can be sure not to forget about something crucial.
GR Prefix Suffix 1.0 Add prefixes and suffixes to text lines.
HotForex MetaTrader 4.00 Save the world from evil swarms of demons in this turn-based strategy game.
GR Line Numerizer 1.0 Put strings in your text in a numbered order.
GR Find And Replace 1.0 Find and replace text strings.
GR Case Converter 1.0 Convert text to proper, upper, or lower case.
Copy2Contact 3.0.4 Grab leads, contacts, and appointments into Salesforce, Outlook, or your CRM software instantly.
TaskElf Store, manage, and organize different kinds of information.
Pension Calculator 1.0 Calculates your pension payment in Excel.

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