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Checkbook 1.0 Calculate credits and debits in Excel.
Stock Allocation 1.0 Calculate your stock allocation in MS Excel.
Household Budget Planner 06 Create budget plan and track your incomes and expenses.
GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus 2014 r0 Achieve your goals visually generating and organizing your tasks and sub-tasks.
ME Mydoc 3.6 Play a strategy game.
GR Add Remove Line Breaks 1.0 Add or remove line breaks in text.
HiPER Calc 2.3 Convert CDA to AAC without quality loss.
The Novel Factory 1.14.5 Provide novel writing software for authors.
Timelog 1.0 Keep track of time spent on your projects.
Judys TenKey 6.1.6 Protect your PC from viruses and other malware.
Exbi Keyboard 1.0 Type in language of your choice in Windows.
Power Notes 3.69 Organize your notes and schedules and create electronic reminders.
BaseFolder 2.1.05 Access files stored on your computer from anywhere.
Math Window 2.4 Make batch conversions of DWG to JPG, DWG to TIF and DXF/DWF to images without AutoCAD.
PDF2QFX Convert 7.3.11 Convert PDF statements into .QFX format transactions to import into Quicken.
CSV2QFX Convert 8.1.04 Submit your music to iTunes & multiple digital music stores.
Windows ToDo Lister 1.5 Add tasks and remove tasks with notes, set a date and priority.
AdaptRM Windows Tracker 1.0 Simplify the process of time tracking.
SPFLite 8.4.6075 Grab your board and hit the streets with this skateboarding classic.
PolyGlot Create new spoken languages.

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