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Break Reminder 3.11.3 Play and complete all challenging Pinball missions.
Black Hole Organizer 3.22 Swipe your way over and under challenging obstacles in this fast and frenzied endless running game.
AMF Daily Planner and PIM 10.0.3 Play a realistic basketball game.
bLADE Wiki 3.4.12 Map several addresses on one Google Map layout, save results as image files.
My Reminder 1.0 Download Web sites into one file for offline browsing.
Dark Calendar 2.0 Secure and lock folders with password.
TrimWord Not available Access Gmail on your desktop with this free, third-party app.
AllDataSheetFinder 0.3.10 Synchronize and back up your files and directories over networks.
Stock Screener Lite 5.6.7 Printer driver
Trend Prophecy Ultimate DJ 1.1 Get a PHP e-commerce shopping cart program.
Jot+ Notes 3.6 Manage and calculate your personal budget.
Job Application Manager 1.0 Play audio and video files on your Windows 8 device.
Relief Valve Sizing Calculator 1.0.0 Calculate federal, state, and local payroll for up to 30 employees via MS Excel.
Atom Imp Text Editor 1.01 Set up a firewall, proxy, and a mail server.
Credit-Aid Home Credit Repair Software 8.0 Catalog photographs in removable devices and hard disks simultaneously.
Mortgage Advisor 1.31 Make your desktop play and sparkle.
Bank Account Tracking 6.12 Improve yourself, and influence those around you.
Calculator Revamp Rome: Total War with this realism mod.
Easy To-Do Lite 2.0.10 Measure the impact of MAPI, OWA, ActiveSync, IMAP, POP, and SMTP clients on Exchange servers.
GCMNotes 1.3 Add a final showdown to the UK version of the game.

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