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Security Software

Xvirus Anti-Malware 7.0.2 Send e-mails in bulk, start and manage e-mail marketing campaigns.
The Padlock 4.2.2 Lock and protect your files and folders.
Sookasa 3.18.4 Protect files on Dropbox and Google Drive cloud and on linked mobile devices.
YAC Protect your PC from browser hijackers, malicious plug-ins, malware, adware, and various viruses.
Apries PUX 1.1.2 Change IP address on your system to a proxy and mask your online identity.
Ace Secret Folder 6.66 Hide and encrypt your important data.
Copy Protect 2.0.2 Prevent piracy and illegal distribution of your creative material, presentations, documents, videos.
OPSWAT Gears Manage and work with multiple directories within a software development project.
NetVizor 8.10.15 Record and monitor employee activities across your network from a central location.
Spytech SpyAgent 8.51 Monitor and record keystrokes and user activity on your computer.
WinPrivacy 2015.6.629 Monitor programs using the Internet and disable Internet access for unwanted programs.
SBCleaner Standard Edition 4.0 Protect your PC and enhance system performance.
Paporize SecureViewer 0.2.2 Create secured files in Explorer.
FileGuard 4.5.3 Protect your files and folders with a password.
ProtectX Pro Protect important business or personal data
WebKilit 2.1.5 Access a firewalled server from a host with dynamic IP address.
Best Folder Encryptor 16.83 Distribute your drawings and diagrams to other team members.
Ad-Aware Personal Security 11.8.586.8535 Play audio files.
Ad-Aware Pro Security 11.8.586.8535 Solve iOS printing in your Enterprise Environment.
Admin's Folder Protection 1.0.1 Protect your folders with six different methods.

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