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Maps App + Not available Get directions, interactive maps, and satellite/aerial imagery of many countries.
Clavier Arabe 2.6.0 Type texts in Arabic using a virtual keyboard.
Gmaps Extended 1.0 View and explore detailed maps of Earth, Mars and the Moon.
Tacview 1.3.4 Analyze any flight, understand, and improve your flying skills.
SpeechTrans Ultimate Translator 2.0 Translate text into different languages with the ability to recognize speech.
Land Air Sea ToolBox 1.4 Manage Google Earth GIS libraries.
PNR Status 1.5 Check IRCTC PNR Status of Indian Railways.
Phonetracker Location Center ForFree Open over 20 document types with a lightweight application.
OkMap 10.12.2 Process documents with typesetting quality on your Windows PC.
Free Languages Translator 1.0 Translate texts between multiple languages.
Tripit 1.4.0 Organize your travel plans in one place.
EdiTrail 1.0 Create and edit hiking trails and routes.
Elevation Mapper 3.02 Create customized georeferenced digital elevation maps and CSV data files.
Wialon GPS Tracking 1.2 Count the total number of PDF pages in a folder.
Golden Eagle FlightPrep 6.2.7 Launch applications easily.
M.M.D Multi.Map.Downloader 1.0 Load maps in any size from Google/Bing/OSM and store them on your PC.
Time Zone Converter - Time Difference Calculator 1.0 Determine what time it is in another part of the world.
Tradugo 2.0 Understand messages in other languages while chatting.
Glimpses of Santorini Refer to the tourist guide for the worldwide famous Greek Island of Santorini.
Dog Parks 1.1 Find and review dog parks near you.

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